Write to your MP over Brexit

Don’t like where the country is heading when it comes to Brexit? Then why not write to your MP and let them know how you feel. It can’t be easier: all you need is your postcode. Enter it on the writetothem.com website to find your MP and write them an email using the form they provide.

I did so myself recently, and can’t recommend it strongly enough.

Dear Phillip Lee,

Please read this and explain why you’re still willing to play your part in putting the future of this country at risk?

https://www.ft.com/content/fde7616a-e6cf-11e6-967b-c88452263daf?accessTo ken=zwAAAVnwCZkwkdP952Fq5s8R5tOWe8iEUiY9rw.MEUCIAX1dHriKnlO-KMJn9rmIyLX9k kmdUndqfa_75xri4-FAiEAukNHmHLgDeIR2HHVKn3WDzNBqcUVAZj7MWFxJk-uTZE&sharetype =gift

The referendum was only won in the first place thanks to the lies that were told by the leave campaign, including the now infamous £350 million claim plastered on the side of a bus.

I’ve spent time in hospital attending various clinics and I’ve overheard conversations where some clearly felt betrayed when they had voted so that the NHS would be better funded. How much more betrayed do you think they will end up feeling when you follow a course of action that will end up with the destruction of the very thing they wanted protected?

The Vote Leave camp may try and repudiate the claims after the fact but it may well have been what won them the referendum, especially given the razor thin majority they had and that almost half of the voters voted to remain.

I might also add that the timeline was never something included in the referendum. The March deadline put forward by Theresa May is an entirely self-imposed limitation that was proposed without any discussion or agreement with the wider public. We never agreed to give the PM carte blanche to do whatever she wants, and in that respect MPs still have a job to do.

We may have to leave the EU, but there is nothing that says you have to unquestionably follow the path laid out by the PM, and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect you to stand up in defence of public services and against blindly starting courses of action that will lead to their obliteration.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Seurre

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