Recursive censoring?

Most people will be familiar by now with the story regarding Leon Brittan and the paedophile dossier as well as Google censoring certain results after legal demands had been made (for more details on the story click here).

Now it seems things are getting a little stranger. Not only is Google apparently censoring results but pages are also disappearing from media organisations too. Virtually none of the mainstream press have covered this story but the one that has – The Daily Telegraph – appears to have decided to remove the article in question. Searching for ‘Leon Brittan PIE’ in google gets me this:


You’ll note that the second to last link refers to a Daily Telegraph article. Clicking on the link however just gives me a ‘missing page’ message from the Telegraph website. For those of you that are interested the URL that the hyperlink uses is this:


So now it seems that the fact that the censoring is going on is now itself being censored.

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